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A World Within

A World Within

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A World Within

The More You Look, The More You Discover
The closer you look, the more you'll discover. In the middle of this cavity, you'll find a detailed bridge that symbolizes a path in darkness. Sometimes you're in situations where it feels like your back is against the wall and darkness feels inevitable, but there's always a way through.

Why Incense Therapy is Effective:

Burning incense can help boost creativity and clear the mind of intrusive thoughts. The aroma of incense helps you tap into your inner conscience allowing for higher spiritual connections when meditating/decompressing. 


A World Within is compatible with all of our incense cones, creating a mesmerizing and calming fluid cascade effect. 



- (x1) 'A World Within'

- (x1) Pair of wooden tweezers

- (x120) Natural Incense Cones

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Shipping Information:

*For all orders outside the United States, burners will be shipped without incense cones. Upon adding to cart, you'll have the option to buy extras.*


We accept returns within 14 daysfrom the day of receipit, so long as the burners are unused.

What's Included?

- (x1) Aesthetic Aromas Diffuser/Burner

- (x1) 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

- (x1) 180 Day Warranty