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Resting Buddha

Resting Buddha

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The Resting Buddha

Rebirth and Sensitivity

Surrounding this The Resting Buddha is a cloud of mystery and untapped power. This is for those of you that want to tap into life’s magical regenerative abilities.

The smoke generated by the cones flows downwards, producing a breathtaking cascade effect. 

Not only is the sight of the cascade effect hypnotic, but the smells that emerge from the cones create an environment of peace and tranquility.

Why Aesthetic Aromas?

  • Our incense diffusers are made of ceramic and are prepared and delivered in eco-friendly packaging.
  • Create a zen corner to relax at home without sacrificing aesthetics and design.
  • With the purchase of each incense burner you will receive a complete set of 25 100% Natural incense cones for free.  

The Resting Buddha is compatible with all of our incense cones, creating a mesmerizing and calming fluid cascade effect. 


- (x1) Ceramic 'Resting Buddha' (17cm x 12cm x 21 cm)

- (x1) Pair of wooden tweezers

- (x25) 100% Natural Incense Cones

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Shipping Information:

*For all orders outside the United States, burners will be shipped without incense cones. Upon adding to cart, you'll have the option to buy extras.*


We accept returns within 14 daysfrom the day of receipit, so long as the burners are unused.

What's Included?

- (x1) Aesthetic Aromas Diffuser/Burner

- (x1) 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

- (x1) 180 Day Warranty